​​​​About Me

Hey, it's Rean here.

This is my personal website, I aim to be more personal (lol), than my other sites and discuss and share my personal experiences regarding internet marketing and such in this site.

If you're curious about me, well, my name's Rean Schwarzer. Don't google it. I'm not an anime character okay.

I could explain my whole life here, and cry my heart out. But you shouldn't have to worry about that. All you need to know is that I'm the same as you all.

I'm just here to find a way to free myself, i.e financial freedom. I don't have any outrageous proof or payments ranging in the thousands of dollars, cause realistically it would be hard to reach that point. (Considering I've only been doing this for 2 years or so)

If you're here to find a quick way to earn $1000 every day, then I'm probably not the guy you should listen to.

I believe in hard work and discipline. So claims like you only need 5 minutes of your life for financial freedom is bullsh*t.

The problem with that statement is just common sense. If it really just takes that much to work, then why aren't we millionaires by now? Why are the people selling these methods, still selling them? Why would they sell this method? Why wouldn't they just bank for life?

The answer is that's how they make money from it.

You need to understand, that the “Make Money Online Niche” is a scam. (Hear me out..)

If you're starting out, you'd probably just start by promoting products as an affiliate, and earn commissions from it right? Let me ask you one thing. Have any of you bought what you wanted to promote? Like actually tested that product?

If you have, great. You know what I'm talking about then.

These “products” are just some type of software/ebook/program/video designed to help you promote more money-making products.

This is how this niche works. There are honest ones, I'll tell you later, but the bulk of the content is mostly that.

So what's the verdict then, Rean? Mr.Know-it-all?

Listen, I'm not saying to avoid this niche, but you need to know what you're getting into. On the off chance, you manage to be successful without such products, as to how it should be, then be proud of yourself.

But you would need more hard work to succeed in that.

For the rest of you, that's still here, the “make money online” niche is designed in a way so a guy (or gal) would promote his products to his followers, and his followers would do the same to their followers, and so on and so forth.

The reason why, is that people are really attracted by the words “No Hard Work”, “No Technical Skills”, “Only A Few Minutes Needed”. Not realizing that the guy (or gal) that has amassed their wealth is by selling his methods to his followers.

Can you see this pattern already? Now I know that there are lots of products on Clickbank that can actually help people (i.e weight loss), but there are thousands of products still like what I described.

If you understand this, then let me welcome you to this niche, for all the faults it has, people have benefitted from this. And I'm here to guide you all to this journey, together.

Thanks for listening, this is Rean, signing off.

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