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What are Funnels?

Funnels maximize profits by following the golden rule of LOW RESISTANCE marketing.

  •  They filter your traffic, saving you time and money.

  •  They build your list with highly targeted subscribers for ongoing income.

  •  They MONETIZE new leads so you can profit instantly.

  • Why Polaris?

    Want super fast results with practically no learning curve?

  • Just plug in any of the DFY funnels - with everything optimized & set up for you.

  • Want to scale with custom funnels and products?

  • Easier than ever with the world’s most intuitive funnel software. Point & click build, drag & drop edit, with beginner friendly tutorials covering it all

  • Why Funnels are sometimes Frustrating

    Funnels are sometimes harder than quantum physics

    - 90% Of Funnels Are Broken Or Easily Breakable

    - 99% Of Marketers Have A Major Traffic Problem

    - Lousy Lead Magnet and Upgrade Offers

    What's the catch?

    The low one-time price for Polaris is extremely time sensitive and will be going up.

    Hard cost of maintaining/updating the software, hosting all customer pages, and keeping all DFY funnels updated ...

    Mean we have no choice but to raise the price soon. But you get an amazing deal when you take advantage now.