October 19

Websites are Important. You should own one.


Websites, are very, very important. Especially in this market.

I know people think that websites are so complicated, you need to code, its hard, it’s expensive.

But that’s not true anymore. You don’t need to code, all you need for a wordpress website is hosting, a domain name, and themes and plugins.

It’s so easy to set up your website, you can get started in 10 minutes or less.

I’m plugging my affiliate links here, but know that i personally use them as well.

How to Build Your Own Website in Steps

Step 1 : Domain Name

Buy a domain in either GoDaddy, Namecheap, or any other website that sells domains. You can actually get a domain name for less than 2 dollars, but it might not be a .com website.

Step 2 : Hosting

Now hosting is much more complicated, you get so much options and so many different options. From shared hosting to VPS, to Cloud, what is the right one?

Well… It depends on your budget, if you have the money, I do recommend Sitegrounds. I have used it in the past, and it was always so fast especially for shared hosting. Like really fast.

If you have 10 bucks to spare, you can get this hosting. This site is so cheap, you pay $10 for a year of hosting, that’s less than most of the courses being sold on Warrior+!

Bear in mind, that it’s fairly limited, you only get 1 GB of storage, and 20 GB of Bandwith. But that is fine. People greatly overestimate the amount of storage or bandwidth you need. Like if you see shared hosting that says UNLIMITED STORAGE, UNLIMITED BANDWITH, most people don’t even need that much for their websites.

That’s the great thing about this host. You already have a portion made for you, no one else is gonna share your server space. Your website is never gonna lag randomly.

Step 3 : Technical Stuff.

This is avoidable if you bought domain+hosting in the same website, like sitegrounds. But if you don’t and went for the cheaper option. You’re gonna have to bust out those hacking skills a bit. Since it’s confusing to explain it in words, i found this video that explains it in 5 minutes.

Step 4 : Themes and Plugins

Once you install wordpress, with the 1-click installer, you need to have plugins and themes.

Now, you can already get basic ones for free, and it’s all you need for your website. You don’t need that $60 Theme or $40 Plugin.

But if you really need the huge amount of plugins, or themes, there are something called GPL sites. Generally themes and plugins are legally allowed (i think, don’t quote me), to be shared as a GPL license. Which means, that you can use these premium and expensive plugins, for free, from these GPL sites. Now you can already find these in Google but they typically have a paid membership, and in the off chance they don’t. Well it’s typically very old and full of ads.

Also viruses. Be careful.

That’s why i recommend this website. FestingerBHW. 

It is so much better than the other GPL sites, because this website has a collection of more than 3000 WordPress themes and plugins for you to use. With the $15/month you get 5 Downloads a day, and their support is top notch.

You can try out all the different themes but I do personally recommend Thrive Themes and Plugins. They are really good.

Step 5 : Done

Call it a day, and get started with your blog tomorrow.


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